One day workshops

Our one-day workshops are designed for students of all ages and levels of experience, wanting to spend a day being creative and developing new skills. Each course will allow you both the chance to experiment as well as to produce several finished pieces of work.

Creative Collage Making


This course will introduce collage as a pictorial medium that can be used to explore contemporary subjects and develop new ideas. Encouraging students to take an imaginative approach to combining different images and materials, the course will cover a range of traditional and contemporary methods of collage making. Used by many contemporary artists, the medium offers exciting opportunities to create striking, powerful images through a process of layering and juxtaposition of photography, found image, painting, printmaking and text.


Introduction to Illustration


For anyone with an interest in illustrative drawing, this course will offer the chance to experiment and explore a range of illustrative techniques. Helping you develop your drawing skills, you will also explore imaginative drawing styles.  Introducing basic ideas about sequence, continuity, layout and design, you will be encouraged to generate an exciting body of ideas that will continue to inspire you in the future.


Jewellery Making for Beginners


This course will introduce a variety of contemporary techniques and materials that can be used to make jewellery. Students will undertake several projects to produce a range of pieces that explore different techniques and materials, including simple bead-making, working with embedded objects and the exploration of textures. You will also be introduced to wire-work, constructing three dimensional forms by wrapping, twisting and including found objects.


Introduction to Digital Photography


Designed for students with little experience of digital photography or those who would like to learn more about taking photos without using automatic camera settings, this course will guide students in an exciting discovery of the technical and aesthetic possibilities offered by the medium. Topics will include camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, choice of lens, composition, and colour theory. During the day you will experiment with shooting a wide range of different images and scenes, from portraits to still lives and outdoor scenes. You will be required to bring your own digital camera for this course.