workshops and courses

The Gallery offers students of all ages and levels of experience the chance to develop creative skills in a supportive environment.


Workshops are intensive, with a maximum of eight students per group, offering students a high level of individual attention from specialist trained teachers, all of whom are active practitioners within their creative field.


All courses are concluded with an exhibition in the gallery, providing a forum for feedback and discussion around the work produced.

Easter Workshops - 20 April 2011

Easter Workshops

"An Exploration of Oil Painting" - Monday 21, 28 & 4 April 2011


“Learn New Skills and Exhibit Your Work”

Studio 106 Art Gallery is proud to present a new course for Adults:


“An Exploration of Oil Painting”

Monday 21, 28 & 4 April 2011, 7-9pm


Tutor: Benjamin Senior

Students will be introduced to contemporary and historical artworks as inspiration, and will explore different approaches to oil painting, developing their ability to manipulate colour, space, light and the tactile qualities of the paint itself. Students will work closely with Benjamin to develop their own personal project, often using photographs and drawing as a starting point, and exploring the expressive qualities of paint will develop all ability to create images that are vibrant, spontaneous and underpinned by a studied approach to observation, paint application and technique. As part of the workshop programme, students will be guided to stage a group exhibition.


The course costs £60 (3 sessions and materials included)


For Bookings please contact the Gallery

via phone 020 7385 5618

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or visit our website on

Digital Photography Courses - January 11, 2011


STUDIO 106 ART GALLERY is proud to offer Digital Photography courses for adults and children, ranging from the absolute beginner through to the serious enthusiast looking for the next creative challenge.


Our classes our small and friendly, which means a HIGH LEVEL OF INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION is afforded to each student and personal targets made very achievable. Likewise, a true team dynamic develops and many of our students continue to work together beyond the gallery walls.


Because our tutors are PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS and work in the industry they can recommend and accompany you on purchases. They bring knowledge, passion and current levels of experience so you have the latest information on current trends and exhibitions, making your photography classes as much an addition to your lifestyle as they are an education. Every course is concluded with a PROFESSIONAL, PUBLIC EXHIBITION of students’ work at Studio 106 Art Gallery.





Digital Photography

Suitable for ages 18-100!

Tuesdays (term time only), 11 Jan – 22 March, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Fee: £20per session

SPECIAL OFFER – bring a friend and get TWO WORKSHOPS FREE


This course will help you to master the controls and settings of your camera. Students will explore the importance of light, composition and subject matter in both indoor and an outdoor settings and have the opportunity to trial professional studio equipment. You will be introduced to the history and theory of photographic art and explore works that are relevant to your personal interests, set projects and examine the contemporary artwork exhibited both in the gallery and nationwide. If you are looking to take stunning photographs this is a great place to start. Students will receive hand-outs to accompany each session.



Graphics, Digital Photography & Screen Printing

Suitable for ages 9-14

Tuesdays (term time only), 11 Jan – 22 March, 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Fee: £20per session. Full and half bursaries are available

SPECIAL OFFER – bring a friend and get TWO WORKSHOPS FREE


Designed to introduce and develop graphic design and photography skills, this course will cover typography, layout, illustration and storyboarding, encouraging creative thinking in a lively and supportive atmosphere. Students will uses digital cameras, which to generate images for use in a diverse range of projects, exploring ideas about composition, contrast, colour and scale. Photographs and found images will be further developed into storyboards, posters and silk screen prints on paper and fabric.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION about these and our other course for adults and children, please contact:


Studio 106 Art Gallery, 106 Dawes Road, Fulham, London, SW6 7AG

020 7385 5618

CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP - Christmas Puppet-Making - December 11, 2010


Studio 106 Art Gallery is

pleased to present a new workshop for children (age 3-11, parents are always welcome to join) by artist Mai Yoshiba.


On Saturday the 11th of December 2010, at 13.00 to 15.00, children will create their own puppets and present a puppet show.


The Artist: Mai Yoshida graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Communication Art & Design and regularly leads workshops for children in a number of London venues including the Tate Britain. More information about the artist can be found at


Fees: £20 (including all materials)

Booking your seat: email at

or call at 0777 556 3437


Looking forward to seeing you!

Witch Crafts- The Big Draw - October 30, 2010


Studio 106 Art Gallery is looking forward to welcoming families at Witch Crafts – The Big Draw, a free creative activity day as part of the 2010 Big Draw Event. Taking the celebration of Halloween as its focal point, Witch Crafts- The Big Draw provides a relaxed and stimulating environment for children and their families to create seasonal inspired art pieces, whilst exploring their talent within the drawing medium. The encouraging of learning new artistic skills through the event adheres to this year’s Big Draw theme, that of “make your mark on the future.”


By taking part in the activities available, the children will not only be making a physical mark, with the creation of their art pieces, but also, the promise of a deeper artistic contribution through exposure to the discipline. Such an understanding at an early age is an invaluable tool in breeding a heightened and refreshed appreciation of art.


The fun nature of the event provides an engaging incentive for children to experience new skills and appreciate the importance of drawing as a genesis for artistic growth. Through such activities as costume design, face painting and lantern making, the wide reaching nature of mark making within the art discipline is highlighted, fostering greater understanding and ways of seeing. Providing a springboard for children’s vast imaginative capacities, Witch Crafts – The Big Draw celebrates the exciting possibilities art can offer, whilst encouraging communication and realisation of inherent creative ideas.


Placing a strong emphasis on arts education, Studio 106 is committed to providing a series of engaging workshops, courses and exhibitions designed to ignite artistic potential in both children and adults within a professional gallery context. The nurturing and displaying of local artistic talent is the paramount agenda of the gallery, allowing artists of all ability and age range to build a sustained relationship with art and experience its life affirming qualities. With a strong emphasis on young artists, the gallery provides the training, support and advice needed for children to thrive artistically, allowing them, at this crucial stage, to begin making their mark.


Studio 106 Art Gallery provides a wide range of creative workshops for both adults and young people. If you are interested in our programme and would like to know more please contact our Education Manager Miriam Austin at



Half Term Workshop

Friday 25 February 2011


Ages: 3-11

Only £10 (materials & refreshments included)


Studio 106 Art Gallery is delighted to announce our half-term activity for young people… “Chinese New Year Art Workshop”…


Accomplished artist Mai Yoshida, will lead children in an morning of dragon colouring, chinese calligraphy, mask making, fortune teller fishing and FUN!


For bookings, please contact us by

phone: 020 7385 5618

email: /


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Studio 106 Art Gallery