Jim Webb

Jim Webb

Jim Webb. C.V.


Studied at:

Liverpool University

Liverpool College of Art (mentored by Rod Murray)

Recent Work.

The Cube – ITV Game show 2011-2012. (ITV – Independent Television)
Show in collaboration with Caroline Cary, Studio 106 Art Gallery 2012.
The Door – ITV Game show 2011.
Installation of Paintings on Perspex and Laser Light in collaboration with Caroline Cry at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands, London 2009.


1974 – Helped set up and worked at “Open Mind” arts collective in Liverpool.

1978 – Live Laser performances at Liverpool Academy of Arts.

1979 – Set up 1st Holography Studio at Liverpool College of Art.

1979 – Design of laser production for Ken Campbell’s “Illuminatus” and “the Warp” at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

1979 – Light and sound designer for “the Children’s Crusade” – Liverpool and Cologne.

1980 – Laser light design and production for fashion shows in Liverpool.

1981 – Set up 1st Holography Studio at Royal College of Art, London.

1983 to 1990’s – Numerous laser visual effects design and production for TV programs with BBC Visual FX designer Mat Irvine.

1984 – “Larks in the Dark” – lasers, sounds and fireworks spectacular in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

1985 – “Painterly photons” – Laser photographic image exhibition at Acorn Gallery, Liverpool.

1995 – Laser Installation for Arthur C. Clarke Minehead Space Age Arts Festival.

1995 – Laser Display for Absolut / Chalayan fashion show.

1996 – Laser Display for Absolut Vodka extravaganza at Val d’Isere, France.

1998 – Display over Grahamstown, South Africa, set to music played on local Radio Station.

1998 – Laser production for Mini tour with Royal Opera Dance Troupe.

1998 – Laser design and production for Warp Fashion Show in Cairo.

1999 – Laser production for Hugo in Stuttgart, Rotterdam and Paris.

2001 – Laser installation at “LightShift” event in the forest of Dean.

2002 – “Thermasilk” shoot in Budapest.

2002 – Queens’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations laser display on Worthing Pier.

2003 – Many laser performances with Unstructured Light Dance team.

1980’s to today – Numerous laser performances with groups ranging from Rock to Electronica.

1980’s to today – Numerous design innovation and production of laser lighting for TV, film, advertising and fashion shows.

Recent Work:

Numerous laser productions for musical events and video shoots including Ronnie Size, Louise, Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham.

1990’s to today – Performances with dancers from Western classical to Eastern traditional genres.

1990’s to today – Educational talks / lectures / events with laser displays, design of games for TV using lasers and art installations.